Backtracking to December: Beginning the New Cruising Season

By Linda

Rainbow to welcome us back to the boat at Wohburn Bay.

After a two week trip home to visit Jim’s sick dad, and have some family time , we returned to Ocean Song to begin our first season cruising the Caribbean.   We were excited to embark on our first full season as true cruisers, with no set schedule!  Now we could choose our weather windows to allow for the most comfortable passages.  The plan was to “island hop” our way to the top of the Caribbean, then “hop” back down to Grenada.

“Island hopping” is taking advantage of the shorter distances between islands to make shorter passages, and mainly during daylight hours.  Our plan was to begin island hopping from Grenada up to the Virgin Islands.  There we would spend 2-3 months in the US and British Virgin Islands.  After that time, we would then sail to the islands of St. Martin, and Antiqua to finish out this season, before heading back to Grenada for the next hurricane season.

Island Fever Christmas Buffet



We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas day buffet at Island Fever Restaurant located at Le Phare Bleu Marina.  Then bright and early on December 26, we departed Woburn Bay.  We would not be back for 6 months. Our first stop was at Carriacou to check out of the country of Grenada.  Next stop, the island of Bequia in, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

We arrived at Bequia, Dec. 28.  Bequia is an island cruisers fall in love with.

Boardwalk to Princes Margaret Beach.

While in Bequia, we celebrated  New Year’s Eve on Ocean Song. We walked the famous waterfront boardwalk. 

New Year’s Eve fireworks show.


Fort Hamilton cannon.

View of Admiralty Bay from Fort Hamilton.

The next day we hiked to Fort Hamilton. It was an easy walk on the road, as it is only 300 feet, above Admiralty Bay. It is a British fort constructed in the late 1700s to protect the harbor from American privateers and French marauders. Not much remains today other than some cannons and part of the wall. It offered beautiful views of the harbour and sea.









Fuel delivered to your boat. Wow!


Before heading out again, we wanted to fill up our diesel tanks, so we wouldn’t have to worry about needing anymore fuel before arriving to the BVI.  One of the cool things about Admiralty Bay is that there is a fuel boat! They fill your tanks while you are on the mooring.  No having to deal with docking!

We departed Bequia on Jan 3. Our time there was too short, but we will be back for a longer stay when we come back through on our way back south.



Next stop St. Lucia.

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