A Post in Praise of TMM

By Jim
I posted this on the TMM Yacht Owners and Friends Facebook page after they went above and beyond to help us with some issues we were having with Ocean Song:
Feb. 22, 2024
I see people asking all the time, “Which charter company should I use in the BVI?” There are several excellent charter companies and naturally folks have their favorites. I have to relate my experience with TMM. My Lagoon 42 was in TMM’s charter fleet for only 18 months. In late August 2017 my 2018 Lagoon 42, Ocean Song, was delivered to Tortola. Two weeks later Irma arrived and destroyed the boat before my wife, Linda, and I ever saw her. Our insurance (arranged by Barney) paid us 100%, no deductible (yes, you read that correctly, no deductible for a named storm) within 45 days. At the 2017 Annapolis Boat Show in October, we ordered our 2019 Lagoon 42, also named Ocean Song. She was TMM’s featured boat at the 2018 Annapolis Boat Show. She did fantastic in charter. Then COVID-19 came along. Although we had hoped to keep her in charter for 3 years, we pulled her out at the end of December 2020. Barney was great in helping us make arrangements to get Ocean Song over to the USVI and then to Florida.

My wife and I moved aboard in December 2022. Between the time we took her out of charter and now we have done extensive upgrades – converting a cabin into a workshop with storage, water maker, solar, lithium, etc. Virtually everyone who has worked on our boat has marveled at her condition and been impressed with the various upgrades TMM did while she was in charter. The comments were always that they had never seen a boat upgraded by a charter company to the standards of our boat. When I needed a wiring schematic for the solar and lithium upgrade (TMM had done many electrical upgrades) Barney had it to me in less than 24 hours. When we brought Ocean Song back to the BVI a few weeks ago I asked Barney if he could provide a statement that our boat was no longer a charter boat for BVI Customs. A few hours later Barney had emailed the statement to me.

When I asked for the statement, I mentioned to Barney that we had recently experienced some cliches with our chart plotter. I also asked if there was a technician in the BVI Barney would recommend. He said, “call Tim, he might be able to help you troubleshoot it”. I called Tim and he did help me fix the problems. Then I asked Tim for local recommendations for a couple of needed boat projects that were above my pay grade. Tim said they were busy with charters, but if I could carve out a day or two, I could bring the boat into TMM, and they would help me. I asked, “are you sure?” Tim: “yes, bring Ocean Song in, we will make time for you”. What we thought might take a day and a half ended up taking almost three days. Not because the TMM crew was not diligent, but because one issue (a clogged waste line) took about 12 hours to sort because of a design flaw on our boat. Tim, Collin, Dekoi, and Joe did yeoman’s work to rectify the problem! Believe me when I tell you they worked themselves ragged to fix the problem. Oh, and along the way they spliced 7 new dock and mooring lines for us. All the while with charters coming and going out of Road Reef.
Although we had talked through a couple of other projects with Tim, Rory stepped in when Tim was not around and kept things moving. Rory took things on without hesitation, it was seamless. Rory ended up going up the mast one day and helped us sort a couple of other issues. Adam was on the boat several times assisting and always asking, “Do you need anything else?” Peter also helped out as did Marty. Both Tim and Rory spent lots of time onboard over three days, and like Adam always asked if there was anything more they could do for us. Wow! Just Wow! I never expected or even dreamed that TMM would offer to do the work themselves. I know it was done right!
Joyce made breakfast sandwiches for us one morning and Nicole helped us settled up and acted as Postmaster to mail some things home to our family.

We were only in charter for 18 months with TMM, but they treat us as if we were with them for 18 years! Anytime over the last 3 years that I call, text, or email Barney or anyone at TMM with a question, I get an almost immediate response. TMM maintains their fleet to a standard unequaled by virtually any other charter company in the BVI. They have gone out of their way to assist us in anyway needed over the last 3 years. I doubt any other charter company would do what TMM did for us last week.
Thanks to everyone at TMM, but especially to Tim, Rory, and Adam. Everyone was great! Linda and I think that speaks volumes about Barney. Obviously, it all starts with Barney Crook, and he has put together a fantastic team. Thank you, Barney!

To every TMM owner: You, your family, your charterers, and your boat are in good hands with TMM. Somehow TMM has lapped the field as the best charter company in the BVI!

How many men does it take to replace a waste hose pipe?

How many hours does it take to replace a waste hose pipe?

It takes 5 men +1 woman 10 hours.











Bottom Line: TMM Yacht Charters is simply THE BEST.

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