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Life On the Hook (or on a mooring)

In our last update (August 19th), we had been back in the water only a few days after our haul out and we were waiting for a tropical wave to pass. It did pass and other than a couple of days of rain there were no impacts here in the southern bays of Grenada. Luckily … Read more


Life on “The Hard” is a hard life!

Ocean Song was hauled out at Clarke’s Court Boatyard (CC) on August 5th. As mentioned previously hauling out is stressful, there’s a lot that can go wrong. Our haul out was uneventful, just the way we like it. Once hauled it was into the yard, tucked in with many other boats. During the haul out … Read more


Feet Are Delicate!

On our last morning at Grand Bahama Yacht Club, we were getting Ocean Song ready for departure. I was doing all sorts of things onboard and on the dock. All the while I was barefoot. GBYC’s docks are mostly concrete with wide concrete borders and wooden slats in the center. I had seen a few … Read more


Recurring Additions to Updates, Our “Anecdotes”

Linda and I have decided to drop in some anecdotes from time-to-time, not just passage reports and stories about the places we sail. These observations and stories may not fit squarely into our timeline, but we’ll let you know when it happened for general context.  So, we will post a couple of these stories every … Read more


Update to Our “Mooring Buoy” Post

Update to Our “Mooring Buoy” Post Just a quick update. Our new (and quite simple) bridle arrangement seems to be working well! We have similar conditions today to those we experienced Friday night, but the wind isn’t as strong. Today our mooring buoy is behaving itself. The strong tidal current is pushing it under the … Read more


Projects Completed! New Grill!

Our Scuba compressor installation is now completed. Mike and Derrick from Morehead Marine Services did a great job. The compressor is a 220V unit, and we wanted a dedicated 220V power source for the compressor. The compressor will run off power directly from our 13.5 Kw generator. The compressor will live in our cockpit locker, … Read more



By Linda As we get closer to untying the lines to head south, we have to start thinking provisions.  We will have limited access to supplies once we get to the Bahamas.  Also, we know that everything in the Bahamas costs much more than here in the US.  Anytime you are shopping on an island, … Read more


New Radar and Scuba Compressor Arrive

Today was a busy day on Ocean Song. Linda went to her mom’s house yesterday and brought her and her stepdad, Charlie, to see the boat for the first time today. They arrived in Beaufort around 11:30 while I was helping (mostly watching) the guys from Morehead Marine install our new radar unit. Our old … Read more


Almost Ready for Scuba Diving

Our scuba tanks have been delivered. We had them tested and filled at Olympus Dive Center in Morehead City, thank you Mike Muller. We also have our hookah kits. Of course, we have had dive suits, BCDs, etc., for many years. The final piece of equipment we need to make Ocean Song a self-sufficient dive … Read more


Passing Time in Beaufort, NC

By Jim: As we tick off the last few items on our “liveaboards’ To Do List”, we’re enjoying Beaufort. Although we’ve been to Beaufort dozens of times over the years (and I’ve been coming here since childhood) we’ve made lots of new discoveries. We have taken lots of walks admiring the beautiful historic homes, found … Read more