Hatchet Bay to Rock Sound Harbour Eleuthera

We left Hatchet Bay at just before 7am to head to our next anchorage, Rock Sound Harbour.  We were hoping to be able to sail, but it would be a 6 hour and 45 minutes motor day with light winds.  And what wind there was, was on our nose.  Our intent was to stay at Rock Sound a few days, then head to Cat Island.  We needed to troubleshoot the dinghy engine.  Also, we needed to begin our prep for the long 5-6 day passage to St. Thomas USVI. Our plan was to go from Rock Sound Harbour to Cat Island where our friend Sam Coleman would join us to help crew the trip to St. Thomas.

We are learning that the weather does not always cooperate with our plans. The prevailing winds for the coming week were now  predicted to be from the west. This was not a good direction for the anchorages on Cat Island. It is a long narrow “L” shaped island with exposed anchorages that are only protected during east to south winds. So we decided to just hang out at Rock Sound.  We planned to leave from here now, to head to St. Thomas.  We have subscribed to a professional weather router who will help us plan our trip.  A router looks at all of the variables like wind/currents/storm potential along our planned passage route.  He also gets information from us about our boat and preferred sailing style.  Then he will give advice on what is our best course.

As we wait for our weather window, we explored Rock Sound. Rock Sound is a cute, clean town with friendly dogs that like to accompany us on our walks. Two good restaurants close by. Frigate’s and Wild Orchid. Both with a nice outdoor seating area overlooking the bay. Wild Orchid has a dinghy dock so boaters can “park” their rides right in front of the restaurant. Frigate’s used to have the same set up but their dock has been destroyed at some point, and not yet rebuilt.

Stopped at the Glass Window bridge on our way to the airport.

The Bahamian people have been very friendly.  We walked nearly 2 miles to the Atlantic Ocean side of the island to get some exercise and check out a local restaurant which had posted signs up along the way.  We arrived, hot and sweaty.  It was not open.  As we started to leave a couple of barking dogs approached us.  We were a little nervous, but then car drove up.  It was the owner of the restaurant.  She couldn’t believe we’d walked all the way to her restaurant.  She introduced herself as “Rose”.  As soon as she began talking to us, the dogs became friendly.  In fact, Rose has a dog, coincidentally named “Jim”, who helps her sing “Happy Birthday”.   I can’t say that he carries a tone, but he makes a joyful noise!  She showed us her restaurant, and lead us down a steep rickety staircase to the beach.  The beach was gorgeous.  The waves were crashing in.  It would not have been a good day to be out on the ocean.  Then she insisted on driving us back to our boat, insisting it was too far to walk.

Waiting for Sam at the airport.

Our friend Sam adjusted his schedule to join us here on Eleuthera.

Jim and Sam before dinner at Frigate’s Restaurant.

We picked him up at the airport yesterday.








Looking to continue our journey south tomorrow.  Fingers crossed the weather cooperates. 

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